Spindle drives of the companie DRFA

NTS1 Spindle Drive Series

NTS1 the spindle drive for buildings and industry. Made in Germany  
Our in-house products are distinguished by their regional production, their sustainable,
recyclable and durable material, as well as our own repair service.
unique on this market.
Due to the modular concept, the industrial drive can be adapted according to requirements.
(see exclusive design).
A great advantage is the simple possibility of linear stroke adjustment - for all intermediate
sizes, as well as the temperature range from - 20° to + 80°.

New : - NTS1 300mm & 500mm stroke in colour: White
            - NTS1 for 12V operation - The 12V DC version was especially developed for standalone
              applications without local power supply. The actuator is suitable for
              battery operation or integration into a solar system.
            - NTS1 with stroke length 600mm


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