Chain drives from the Mingardi company

Mingardi chain drives

Specialised in window and skylight dome drives also for smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA)
and natural ventilation.
The company operates under the name Window Automation IndustrY Srl, which is ISO 9001
certified and is part of the Somfy Group.
Somfy is the world leader in building automation technology.

Mingardi Micro S
  • Spannung 230 V Wechselspannung
  • Hublänge bis 200 mm einstellbar mit Magnetscheibe
  • Zugkraft: 200 N, Druck: 200 N
  • Geschwindigkeit 10 mm/Sek.
  • Farbe Silber eloxiert
  • Variante Standardversion
293,38 EUR
incl. 19% tax
9 to 16 (from a total of 52)