Customizations according to customer requirements

The exclusive version offers the possibility to customize the drive in a wide range of designs.


  •     Defined stroke adjustment according to customer specifications
  •      Stroke length versions for special industrial applications
  •      Design mounting eye M6, M8, or special designs
  •      Connection cable type according to requirement (also customer supply possible)
  •      Cable length
  •      Cable connection (cable lug, connector, etc., also possible to be provided by customer)
  •      Mounting block for the actuators
  •      Color design (optional RAL colors)
  •      Replacement of existing products

Please send an e-mail with a description or pictures of the desired modification to
to Shop DRFG. We will be glad to send you an offer.
Replacement for discontinued products through adaptations for trouble-free migration.
Significant reduction of assembly services due to ready-to-install variants.
Color matching is also possible for visual integration in RAL colors.

According to our slogan: Unpack - Install.  

General description of adaptations: